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On Tuesday morning, the whole school was greeted with upbeat and booming music coming from the “DJ stage” at the centre of the auditorium. Today was a special assembly for all of us that included laughter and sniffles from everybody.


Revolution Tour is a group which promotes messages of transformational hope through music and personal life stories. We were entertained with sing-along songs and hilarious jokes that made everybody laugh out loud.


We were then asked if we wanted to go back to our past and re-watch it again, which made a colossal number of hands shoot up in the air. This is when one of the speakers Reggie shared us his story which made people tear up, sniffle and feel sentimental. The key message that was conveyed to us was that he was proof of “hope” and that each one of us can be too if ever we have hardships and difficulties in our lives.


With only 3 minutes and six seconds left to spare till the bell rang, we were back to singing along to songs and also chanting out “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!”


On behalf of Sancta Maria College, we thank the Revolution Tour for coming and visiting our school and giving us laughter, tears and an important message to start our Tuesday.


Franchesca Fernandez
Photo: Faith Cruz