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Anime Club


Sancta Maria College runs an Anime club which is an opportunity for Anime fans around the school to express their love towards Anime by gathering every Friday lunch time, and spending time together to watch not only their favourite Anime shows, but also be introduced to new and exciting Anime.

The club was established by a few students who had a shared interest in Anime and were willing to work hard to run the club. Some results of the creation of this club was that many students not only joined, but also got along well and built friendships with the other club members.

The leaders of the club stated that the Anime Club interests them because they love taking the initiative to provide a way for Anime fans at Sancta Maria College to hang out. Students have described their time spent in club meetings as lots of fun, especially the interaction with others, and a chill place to hang out.

The club is planning to add more exciting activities for its members, such as shared food, quizzes and drawing competitions based around the Japanese culture.

The Anime Club will continue to be up and running for many more years at Sancta Maria College, and it warmly welcomes new members from any year level. Come along and give it a go.

Kenny-Doraine Renju Padathiparambil