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Art at Pah Homestead


On July 31 our two Year 11 art classes, along with Mrs Simmons and Miss Turner, made their way to the Wallace Arts Centre in Hillsborough to be immersed in the beauty of art and architecture.

The arts centre hosts a programme of changing contemporary art and exhibitions, curated from the James Wallace Trust Collection and containing over 8500 beautiful art pieces. The students were all eager to see the gallery and find inspiration for their own upcoming art portfolios that they are working towards for the end of year external examination.

Our first exhibition was Xiong Yu’s Collapsing Boarders; a captivating painting installation inspired by cartoon and e-culture. Everyone was in awe of the grand paintings surrounding the walls with its precise techniques, which made it seem as if the students were a part of the art itself. Soon after, the students visited an animation exhibition which caught everyone by surprise by its uniqueness. Then, to everyone’s delight, the students were free to explore the gallery for the next hour and a half.

It was exciting for our students to experience this opportunity to view and appreciate great art. One student said that “the trip allowed me to open up and broaden my ideas as an aspiring artist,” whilst another student said that “it was really good timing to have a trip because we’re just finishing up on our art boards, and it was good to look at other people’s art for inspiration.”

Francesca Adams