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Art classes visit sculpture exhibition


The Year 11 and Year 12 Sancta Maria College art classes went on an art trip. The two classes left on a bus and traveled to the Hillsborough Homestead, also known as Pah Homestead.

This place is a historic home that has been set up like a little art gallery, located in the suburb of Hillsborough, Auckland. Upon their arrival, the two classes looked at many amazing sculptures that were located within the garden.

The group gathered in the gallery and were split into groups of three by their guide. In their groups, they were given paper and two paintings or sculptures. Their task was to compare and contrast the different artworks.

The point of this activity was to focus on the main techniques of composition, colour and focal points. One of the students commented, “We were able to gain insight into how other artists work and use that to our advantage for our own work.”

Each group then presented their findings and were asked to choose the piece of art they thought had the most interesting art techniques; in particular looking at textures, warm colours, shape, subject matter, and composition. Doing this activity helped the art students with an idea of what they could do for their art boards, which is the project they are working on in class.

It inspired the students and made them realise the different techniques they could use for their art boards. Another student sums up her experience saying, “It was a very exciting trip with many new things to learn and put into practise.”

Mia Gilchrist