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Athletics Day went off with a bang! Who will be the winning house of 2020?

Sancta Maria’s Athletics Day 2020 was a scorching event enjoyed by students, teachers and parent supporters alike!

The day began with the house march and chant-off, each team pouring out house spirit, which led students of Kororareka (red), Waitemata (green), Hokianga (blue) and Akaroa (yellow) into a fun-filled, competitive day.

Enthusiasm was everywhere and the opportunity to participate was hard to miss. There were many events such as discus, shot put, long jump and high jump, in addition to a range of track events.

Track began with the passionate year 7 girls 200m and finished with the school’s Athletics Day highlight, house relays. Screams of joy and happiness showed the students’ support and encouragement for one another, also bringing out the burning competitiveness from their houses.

This year’s participation was outstanding. All year levels took part in events to continuously earn points for their house. This could have only been done with the enthusiasm and spirit of the students, and the encouragement of their peers, teachers and parents.

Students and staff worked hand-in-hand to oversee a smooth-running programme all throughout the day. Many parents also came along to cheer on their children and the school community.

Commenting on his first Sancta Maria Athletics Day, year 7 student Dennis Xu, said, “It was really exciting. There were many new events that I haven’t tried before so it was really nice that I got to give it a go. Although they were challenging, I had heaps of fun and all my friends did too.”

Adam Martis, a Waitemata house prefect was eager to win. “I’m very proud of not only my house but all the other houses and how we had a lot of participation from everyone. But overall, surely green house for the win!” he said.

Hennessy Catayas, a house prefect from Akaroa, also enjoyed the day. “I’m really grateful to the other house leaders, teachers and all of the students for making Athletics Day a stress-free event! My word of advice is that Athletics Day is only what you make it so you will have the most fun if you have good house spirit and sportsmanship,” she said.

Athletics Day was definitely a day full of action here at Sancta Maria College. A huge thank you to all the teachers, parents and students who helped organise this successful event.

Also, appreciation to all the students who participated in the various competitions and made the day an exciting and memorable one.

The only question that remains is, who will be the winning house of 2020…?

Teresa Croker, Francesca Camacho, Nicole Xu and Alexandria Lazatin