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Auckland Volleyball Champs

Benedict Loulie-Wijtenburg and Navhil Singh

The three-day Auckland Champs volleyball tournament held at Bruce Pulman Arena earlier in the year saw Sancta Maria Navy and Sky go head-to-head in a thrilling competition. Sky emerged victorious, winning all their games except for one in Division 3. On the other hand, Sancta Maria Navy managed to secure only one win against Albany Senior High in Division 1. Despite their limited wins, the Navy team played fiercely and kept their opponents on their toes in every match. With nail-biting games where the point difference never exceeded five points, the tournament was a display of exceptional sportsmanship and talent.

Sancta Maria Navy included Benedict Loulie-Wijtenburg, Jayden Lai, Linus Pang, Railey Cabedo, Quintin Wong, Nathaniel Kim, Dane Manuyag, PJ Afamasaga and Gabriel Lesoa.

Sancta Maria Sky included Navhil Singh, Noel Chettiar, Lucius Pang, Dylan Wooler, Gabriel Balisa, Wenzel Bueno, Phillip Ah Kau, Enzo Scaggiante and Kristof Penaloga (some players pictured above).