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Bake sale a big success


It was an early morning for two groups of students from 10 GNS on Sunday 17 September. At Bunnings, Botany, on Ti Rakau Drive, they were set to do a bake sale to fundraise for the SPCA.

10GNS started this project at the beginning of the year but with Dr Laux being on sick leave in term 2, the project had slowed down until she returned and was on deck motivating the students to get back on track.

Competition was in the air with a sausage sizzle running and the ‘girls guide’ group selling their cookies. Despite all this, joy and enthusiasm drove the girls to interact with the clientele with big smiles on their faces.

They raised a total of $466.60 (gross). Some money will be directly donated to SPCA and some money will be used to make pet parcels that will be donated in term 4 to SPCA.

The girls and Dr Laux would like to thank all the parents, senior students and families who supported them on the day and a big thank you to Bunnings for letting them use their premises to make this fundraising event a success.