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Becoming a STYMIE school

As part of making our school a better place we are becoming a STYMIE school.

The meaning of STYMIE is to present an obstacle: to stand in the way of.  Becoming a STYMIE school means we help empower our students to prevent harm or incidents from occurring. STYMIE is an anonymous reporting tool to aid student wellbeing and to report anything of concern to our student population.  Here is a link on How Stymie works | Stymie

Schools currently using Stymie report that:

  • Stymie empowers youth to say something and ask for help – creating the first critical step on the pathway to healing harm and a positive future.
  • Stymie has proactively let schools know about incidents before they have happened.
  • Stymie has significantly and proactively reduced the number of incidents of harm in their schools.
  • Stymie has provided a safe mechanism for youth to report issues that are concerning them and reach out for help on behalf of their peers or themselves.
  • Stymie has enabled schools to help students who would otherwise not have been identified.
  • Stymie increases school attendance rates.

Click on the following link for more detail

As part of Sancta Maria College becoming a STYMIE school, we all enjoyed an induction day on Monday 1 May 2023.  During the induction, all year levels had an opportunity to understand why we are becoming a STYMIE school, how to use the reporting tool and what steps we can all take to help each other.