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Beginners’ Orchestra makes debut performance

Monday started with another first for some of our Music students at Sancta Maria College,, as this year’s Beginners’ Orchestra made their debut performance at our Year 7 & 8 assembly.

The ensemble is comprised of all students who have taken up an instrument this year and features several of our experienced players who act as mentors. Whilst most of our players come from Years 7 and 8, there are older students from Years 11 and 12 who joined the Orchestra to sharpen their skills.

The set was short and sweet: a 12 bar blues and an instrumental version of The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’. Everyone played their part and it was wonderful to see their commitment to putting on a show first thing on a Monday morning.

Since the ensemble began rehearsing in Term Two, several of its players have already progressed to the Junior Jazz Combo, Concert Band and Senior Orchestra. Plenty more will join them and our other ensembles in the future.