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Big Angry Fish and all that jazz


During Period 2 on Friday, 6 musically talented representatives, calling themselves Big Angry Fish, from The University of Auckland gave our students from different year levels an opportunity to watch a fascinating Jazz performance in the Auditorium. We were delighted to have them as guests at our school, enjoying their performance very much.

The combo played 4 different pieces, each featuring mesmerising solos and offering us upbeat and exciting arrangements to enjoy and to have fun with. It was great how all students were able to enjoy themselves at the show, which some inspired some non-musicians to think about taking up an instrument to play. It was great to hear complicated solos and the performance had everyone tapping their feet and bobbing their heads throughout the show.

After the concert, students were encouraged to meet the performers and ask them questions, such as the benefits of taking Music at university. They were encouraging enough to also give us tips on playing our instruments and how to be top musicians in New Zealand.

Lorenzo Cruz