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Big win comes with big opportunity for Premier Boys Basketball


From singing along to Disney’s ‘Let It Go’ before a game, hyping each other up and putting in over seven hours of training a week, there’s no doubt that the Premier Boys Basketball Team is a close-knit group.

It’s this comradery and accountability that has allowed them to play at such a high level and secure third in the Counties Open A Grade. Playing against Rosehill College in front of a roaring home crowd of near full capacity, the boys inflicted Rosehill’s biggest defeat of the season with a 46-31 victory.

It was a bitter-sweet win considering their single point loss to Manurewa in the semi-final which only fuelled them to go all out against Rosehill. They began the game with great confidence, shooting the ball well and staying driven on the defensive end which saw them get a good lead early on.

The team’s Small Forward – Dylan Botherway, and Shooting Guard – Zac Arudas, talked about their focus throughout the match. Dylan said: “Normally we don’t play in front of so many people and obviously it was a playoff game so there was more on the line. It was more focusing on what we had to do before the game started. And then when the game started, just letting our bodies take over and letting what happens, happen.”

Zac added: “Just making sure that we were always accountable for everything we do. So, if we let a ball go or miss a lay-up, that we were always just working hard on defence because at the end of the day, defence is what helps us win.”

The main message from coach – Mr Jason Crummer, throughout the game was, as Zac said, the “committment to whatever we were doing on court.” The team prides themselves on always putting in 100% effort and believing in each other no matter what. With not only a talented line-up of players, but a resolute group, their 15 point win against Rosehill was the first step in their journey to compete at next month’s National Basketball Tournament.

The team have four weeks to prepare, during which they’ll be putting emphasis on conditioning training, as they’ll be going from playing six minute quarters to ten minute quarters. They’ll be doing a lot of running and working to get in the best possible shape.

With Zac and Dylan being two of the senior players on the team, they’re excited about the opportunity to compete against teams that include future Tall Blacks and NBA prospects. And there’s no denying that they’re ready for the challenge. When asked if there is anyone in particular they’d like to go up against, Dylan said: “Rosmini, especially Taine Murray. He’s a young guy in the Tall Blacks, so if he comes back from the World Cup in time for Nationals, I’d love to play him.”

With the success of the Premier Boys team and the help of Mr Crummer, Zac said that, “Basketball for our school, especially for the young ones, I see it going quite far.” The team often play against younger students at school and have younger boys come to their trainings to become exposed to their level of play and high tempo pace. Which continues to help the development of basketball within the College.

Dylan said: “It’ll be good going out on a high note…it’ll be good to have us part of that legacy…(and) giving it all we’ve got since its our last year.”

“I feel like because we’re the older boys in the team, watching and playing alongside the younger ones is good because we know that as we’re playing, we’ll be leaving them with knowledge…(so) they can carry on when we’ve gone,” Zac added.

Their tremendous win against Rosehill is just a part of many more great things to come. They play basketball together, train together, win and fall together and sing together. And you don’t get many teams like that.

Shontelle Matano