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Bon appétit! 

On the 28th November, after a long camp, the Year 10 French Class went out to celebrate the year with a dinner. Eating at a restaurant in St Heliers called ‘La Fourchette’ (meaning, ‘The Fork’), it had everything one could desire.

Only allowed to speak in French, the students had a grand time!

With snails, duck liver, pears, and baguettes as our Entrees, and with pizza, lamb, potatoes, burgers, and fish as our mains, the students laughed all night long… talking about camp, the past year, the coming year, and everything in between. To finish off the meal, students had some crepes or Crème brûlée. 

With a fantastic way to close the week, the French Dinner was an amazing time and was filled with laughter and excitement.

An enormous thank you to Madame Read and Madame Foune for organising this dinner and for teaching all of us French; without your help and support, we would have struggled to even order our food!

Johann Ang