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Bully Free Week NZ – Pink Day

Pink here! Pink there! PINK EVERYWHERE!!!

An astonishing crowd of pink swept through the school, bringing joy to all, in support of Bullying Free NZ Week.

What a week it has been!! From voting for the most important thing to help you learn, to wearing anything pink on Friday, I think it is safe to say that Bullying Free NZ Week at Sancta Maria College soared above and beyond the expectations of Student Wellbeing prefects, Katrina Padilla and Roshane Mendis.

Starting the week off with a mention of Bully Free Week at assembly on Tuesday by Katrina and Roshane, the students could not wait for Friday when they announced it was going to be “Pink Friday”, where students would be able to wear any pink clothing item or accessory to show their support for this initiative.

Katrina Padilla, one of our Student Wellbeing prefects says that the whole purpose of Bully Free Week was to “raise awareness and demonstrate how we must come together and do what we can to bring an end to bullying.”

She also said that she was “impressed by the participation. I did not expect such a good turnout. I also appreciated the immense amount of support from the staff.”

The students of Sancta Maria College demonstrated our core values and beliefs by showing that we do not condone bullying at our school, or anywhere we witness it, by wearing a pink item of clothing or accessory.

What a great and colourful day it was. The only hope is that we now understand the importance of supporting this initiative and that we may all join forces to stop bullying in any way that we can.

Martina Kleis