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Calling all bakers for 40hr famine fundraiser


The 40hr famine festivities have begun. And the school’s committee are calling on everyone who may be interested in baking for Friday’s bake sale. We would love to have as many volunteers as possible contribute baked goods and help a great cause, with all proceeds from the bake sale going to the children of South Sudan who are seeking refuge in Uganda.

For those interested, please bring your baked goods to the Cafe Room (next to the food tech room) on Friday morning before school. The committee also encourages students to bring money to not only enjoy some delicious treats, but you’ll also be helping to change the lives of so many children who don’t have the same opportunities as us.

Cookies, cake, brownies, slices and so many more delectable and tantalizing goods will be for sale during this Friday’s morning tea and lunchtime, outside the Food Technology classrooms. With prices ranging from 50c-$3.

Don’t just be a spectator, let’s stand up and take action. Because it is only then that we can truly make a difference.

Shontelle Matano