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Careers Day opens students eyes


On November 14, the Year 10s were off timetable and participating in a careers day. This day was filled with 5 different stations, all helping the young adults consider possible career options for their future.

One of the stations was International Travel College, where our students were told about the industry of travel and tourism. This opened their eyes to the endless possibilities when it comes to travel and tourism, and the opprtunity to enrol at ITC for the many jobs they can offer.

The second station was personality dynamics. This talk required students to choose their personality type, which helped them choose a career that suits their personality. Information was given out to each student according to their personality type, and it gave numerous career options which would correlate with their preferences.

Engineering NZ also talked to our students about what it is like to take an engineering course. The people educated the Year 10s on the possible jobs they could gain in the world of engineering. Engineering NZ organised an activity in which small groups were asked to make a tower out of spaghetti sticks and marshmallows as a reference to mechanical, civil and other hands-on engineering. The group with the tallest tower won a prize.

Careers central was run by Sancta Maria College. It is an app in which students can set goals, recognise personal skills and preferences and take a quiz with the intention of helping them find careers according to their likes and skills.

The last station was Auckland University. Students from the university discussed what life at AU is like, and the endless opportunities in both academic and co-curricular courses that are offered. They also organised a couple of games relating to the courses you can take at the university – which was very enjoyable.

Overall, the Year 10 careers day was great fun and eye-opening for our students. All of us are much more ready for NCEA and the future that awaits.

Hannah Dangatan and Samara Anubhav