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Caritas Fundraiser

Sancta Maria College held a mufti day on Wednesday, our main fundraiser for this term.

Students came to school on a foggy morning with their gold coin donations to raise money for Caritas New Zealand.

Caritas is a Catholic organisation, working to help those in need all around the world. The organiser of this mufti day, Mr Piggin, is a great admirer of the charity’s work. “Caritas are effective with their efforts and are a great organisation,” he said.

All of the money raised will go towards supporting the most vulnerable people and communities.

There was a SINGout4JUSTICE competition organised this year by Caritas New Zealand, with the theme of 2020 being light.

This year 7-10 section of the competition was won by five of Sancta Maria College’s year 10 students, Olivia Selemaia, Yalaina Tubu, Trinity Tuineau, Aloyze Tafu and Marina Jones.

Michiko Pritchard

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