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Carman Chang wins 3rd place in Media Competition


During the Easter break, the news was announced that one of our Year 12 students, Carman Chang, has won third place in the Secondary School Media Competition.

Carman Chang is a hard-working and warm-hearted young woman who came to NZ as an international student 2 years ago. Although being in a foreign country is difficult, Carman meets the challenge by doing everything to the best of her ability. Being part of the international group, Carman says that she wants to share with others the experience of studying abroad.

“At first, no one is good. However, because of the help given at school and the care given by the local students, I started to adapt to the new environment and became better each and every day,” Carman explains.

During her time in NZ, she has become very interested in digital technology and has been taking the course since Year 10. She says that the course provides the opportunity for her to learn about making videos, and therefore widens her knowledge about film making. This also makes her realise the hardship behind those beautiful and heart-touching scenes.

During the filming-making process, Carmen faced numerous challenges that made her think of giving up.

“It is the first time I attempted the competition. There are so many things from writing script, choosing characters, locations and filming techniques, to editing and adjusting the video. Everything starts from zero,” says Carman.

“Sometimes it is very tiring, because I had to handle all the things by myself, and I am afraid of not getting what I expected. At that time, I was so pressured, I was nearly going to give up,” she adds.

But she did not give up and finished the video, “The Best Memories in New Zealand”. Her passion for digital media and her gratitude towards our school kept her from quitting her work. Surprised at the result, Carman got the prize that she did not expect. Good things come to those who work hard and never give up.

Jolin Chen