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Come to the Night Market at SMC


Do you remember last year’s event? There was so many innovative products on sale, all designed and produced by teams of students from local Colleges, including our own Year 13 Business Studies class. Well, it is happening again tomorrow night, Thursday, August 16, 5-7pm.

The auditorium will be packed with around 100 stalls. If you are looking to start early with your Christmas shopping this is the place to be. And you can be assured your purchase will be original and exciting.

For those of you who get peckish at that time of the evening there will be stalls selling delicacies of all kinds.

You won’t want to hear about how great it was from friends. You will want to be there to experience it for yourself. The SMC Night Market, College Auditorium, Thursday August 16, 5-7pm.

See you there.