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Competition round begins


With grading round now over, the competitions have begun. Teams have now been placed in their appropriate grade. SMNC saw fabulous results. It is a very positive beginning in the competition round. Two Sancta teams played each other, Sancta J6 vs Sancta J7. Read on for the results from this Saturday’s games.

Champs: Sancta Maria 8A Won 22/17

Flight 1: Sancta Maria 8B Won 27/11

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 8C Loss 9/14

Champs: Sancta Maria 7A Won 21/2

Flight 1: Sancta Maria 7B Won 14/8

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 7C Won 17/15

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 7D Loss 15/17

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