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Concert Band is Back!

Stella Cranwell (Year 13)

Another year means another year of music at Sancta Maria College and the next group to start rehearsals is the celebrated Concert Band!

However, the full band Thursday rehearsals were to look quite different due to Covid-19 restrictions, especially given the nature of the instruments in the band and the reliance of a mask-less face to play them.

With scaled-down rehearsals limited to each section of the band—percussion, woodwind, and brass—and the move outdoors for extra ventilation, the musicians have tackled the new pieces this year with more skill from the practices over isolation, some new members, and extra motivation as they try to wrestle with the loose sheets of music that stubbornly refuse to stay on the stand and blow off in the breeze!

Nonetheless, it is evident from the few gatherings each section has had, that the band is going to be incredibly successful this year, and all musicians are anticipating the full band rehearsal to fully bask in the many parts that make the pieces as magnificent as they are.

The smaller rehearsals also allow for a more technical start for each section, as well as an opportunity to connect, both musically and personally, with other members – this is exceptionally beneficial into better integrating new members of the band into their section, and the band would love to welcome each and every one of them.

The repertoire concert band has been diligently working on a piece by Patrick Roszell entitled ‘Fanfare 1127’. The piece was composed after Roszell had taken part in the Alabama Music Educators Conference of 2020, and was written to commemorate the inspiration he had taken away with him.

The Concert Band would like to thank their conductor, Mr Arthur, for his constant dedication, especially through the pandemic, and for ensuring that they all have a place to play, learn, and grow as musicians. There is no doubt that without his motivating communication through the years, they would all struggle to practice outside of school which would be reflected in their music as a band.

Get excited for Concert Band this year! The line-up of music is particularly spectacular and this new style of rehearsals has allowed this music to truly flourish.

Here is a list of our talented members:

Flute 1

Kathleen Shi

Stella Cranwell

Claudia Mistar

Flute 2

Johann Ang

Sofia Dela Cruz

Maryam Shah

Dennis Xu

Ebony Quiding


Chloe Dangatan

Clarinet 1

Samuel Hong

Katherine Brzozowski

Bryan Perez-Child

Clarinet 2

Adina Anselm

Ella Dickens

Clarinet 3

Fiona Sheng

Patrick Malden

Malaika Amos

Ryan Massey

Alto Saxophone

Peter Buzak

Megan Bottom

Tenor Saxophone

Ethan Rogacion

Kristine Guerrero

Baritone Saxophone

Adrian Vargas

Trumpet 1

William Kevern

Dennis Tam

Trumpet 2

Jake Price

Kasanita Fonohema

Trumpet 3

Aaron Santoso

Maia Tay-Morrison


Odile De Jesus

Aaron Chan

Minky Kim


Nathan Chin


Daniel-John West


Jennifer Joseph

Katelyn Correia


Andy Huang

Benjamin Botting

Angel Pallewatte

Zoe Regis


Melissa Chan