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Connecting in the Year 9 Retreat

Joaquin Ambrosio and Jacob Fischer

Nearing the end of the term the Year 9 retreat also known as the Encounter Day was run by the National Evangelisation Team. This event has been a yearly tradition for all year levels, allowing every student to reflect on their current progress and what they want to achieve in the coming year. This day is also incredibly special because it involves religious activities that help us become closer to God.  

The first activity for the day was a fun group activity that involved one person drawing and the others in the group guessing what they have drawn, once they have successfully guessed they would find an instructor that has the list of answers and tell them what they guessed. This game sparked a lot of competition and had everyone running around to finish the list first.

The remaining activities throughout the morning required good communication such as activities like describing an item or directing their friend on where to go and were fun and required great team building.

During lunch all Year 9 students attended the weekly Friday mass at St Luke’s Parish. After mass, the NET group held a meditation/prayer time followed by an exceptionally beautiful performance of them portraying their story. Students were then given a piece of paper with some questions and then they had the option to write a prayer.  

Overall, this encounter day was incredibly fun and competitive, but more importantly it allowed the Year 9 cohort to reflect on what was ahead of us these upcoming years and to further connect with God. Thank you to the NET group for running this event and thank you to the senior students and teacher volunteers who helped with this event.