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Cyber Safety Tips for today’s generation

Sending a ‘photo’ of yourself to someone who ‘likes’ you will definitely have no consequences…


Our local police officer talked to us in a Year 9 and 10 assembly about some growing issues in regards to our safety Cyber-wise. He mentioned our vulnerability in doing whatever it takes to please someone because of the scenario: “if you like me, then you’d do this”; as well as how we should be more aware of the dangers that would arise from falling victim to these requests from those who we thought were close to us.

It definitely gave me some “food for thought” as the saying goes, because as our local police officer told us, it is true that technology is taking over a majority of our lives, especially younger people, as the world is slowly but effectively transitioning to more modern technology.

Overall, it was a very educational experience that I hope will be able to help everyone, because we’d be a lot safer if we understood the consequences of our actions, especially online and with those who we think we can trust.

If someone like our local police officer doesn’t tell us about these things, then who will?

Lorenzo Cruz and Lars Bosales