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Dance to the music


The 2019 School Social took off with the deafening sound of disco music blaring from the front of the auditorium. As the multi-coloured lights swirled around the room, everyone was dancing away to the beat of the music.

The dancing relaxed us all and was a great end to the school week. It was an enjoyable way to chill out and spend time with friends.

“The school social was a really nice experience. The High School Musical cast have been working exceptionally hard and I felt that the social was a great way to just let all of us have a fun time to relax and party. The music, lights and people definitely added more excitement to the atmosphere.” – Nicole Xu, Yr 9

“The school social was a great time, filled with laughter and giggles. I enjoyed having fun with my friends” – Andrea Nguyen, Yr 9

Aside from the fun, this was a fundraising social for the school’s junior production coming up this week. Since this was a fundraiser for the production, all the cast were there jamming, especially to the songs from High School Musical, requested by some of the cast.

Overall, the school social was a pleasant and successful night and we wish the cast of High School Musical the best of luck for their first performance this Tuesday night!

Sarah McCormick