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Don’t Miss Jazz Night

Peter Brzozowski is one of the most well-known jazz musicians at our school. He’s been playing trumpet since Year 7 and has played piano for 13 years.

“I got into jazz a few years ago after being put into a school jazz ensemble,” he says.

Peter loves the freedom of the genre, especially the improvised solos. Peter has decided to study jazz performance at the University of Victoria and perhaps go overseas to further his career in music.

“SMC Jazz Night is going to awesome and will definitely going to be worth coming along to – everyone will enjoy it!”

Come along on September 20 to watch Peter play in the Midnight Quartet, Octatonics and Big Band!

Tickets are on sale at the Sancta Maria College cashier. there are a LIMITED number of tickets on sale so be sure to get in quick!

If you are not part of the Sancta Maria College community and want to purchase tickets, please email and we will help you.

PRICES: Students: $5

Adults: $15

Children under 10: FREE