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Drama students turn out for Astroman


Senior students who took Drama students which include Mrs Oliver and Mr Roberson went to Q Theatre in the city to watch the play Astroman.

The story follows a computer whiz, Jimmy, who snoozes through school and is about to be given an education of a different sort when he finds him working for the grouchy Astrocade owner, Mr Macrae. While there’s no limit to his domination of the Pac-Man and Galaga high-score charts, this boy genius hasn’t yet worked out how to beat the game of life.

After the performance the actors did a Q and A with the audience about their techniques and rehearsals. Not only was this a show to be enjoyed, but also part of their course, as the students had to watch every move and listen to every word as this would be very important for their end of year external examination.

Herschelle Hendricks (Year 12) says, “It was a brilliant experience, learning from amazing actors on stage and it inspired me to be committed towards my performance at school.” It was a great opportunity for all senior drama students to learn about all aspects of performance.

Lorenzo Cruz