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Easter Liturgy

Jermaine Daclan (Year 10)

On the last day of Term 1 (14 May), the Special Character team and Prefects hosted an Easter Liturgy, heading into the Easter Season.

The Year 13’s, Senior Leadership Team, School Prefects, Sound Desk team and the Special Character team were in the auditorium, with the rest of the school watching the liturgy via livestream.

Mr. Tamayo opened the Liturgy with a Prayer, and afterwards, the Prefects began going through each of the 14 Stations of the Cross. This included carrying a wooden Cross to each station, marked by a beautiful piece of art. At each station, a Prefect would lead the station with a statement, followed by the school genuflecting and finishing off by leading the school in a meditation about each station.

Following each station of the cross meditation, the whole school would recite a prayer before the Prefects would carry the cross to the next station; until the final station of the cross, where Mrs. Oliver led the whole school in final prayer.

Mr. Tamayo ended the Liturgy with a reminder of Easter Pastoral Triduum celebrations in our Parishes.

We would like to thank the Special Character team and the Prefects for their time and effort planning this liturgy.