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Engineering a rewarding career


This week a group of students had the opportunity to attend the Wonder Project Calibre Engineering Experience. The enthusiastic group of students signed up to learn more about life working as an engineer for a company such as Calibre Engineering.

The programme kicked off with an overview of the work Calibre Engineering does in our communities. A presentation was then delivered by Josh and Bede, two engineers fresh out of university. The two alumni informed the group about the transition from studying engineering in university to working in the real world. Our students were given a glimpse of their day to day life, examples of jobs they do and how they collaborate with others to get their job done. It then wrapped up with a Q&A, giving the group a chance to ask questions and increase their understanding of what they could potentially get themselves into.

Following this, the students toured the Calibre office and got to see the engineers in action. They also saw the exciting amenities which come with the job: a pool table, kitchen facilities and comfy chairs. Their time in the engineering firm concluded with a delicious pizza lunch.

The group was then escorted to Hobsonville Point where they could see some of the sites Calibre Engineering has been working on. Witnessing the construction sites made the students understand the lengthy process of construction and how mindful engineers must be.

Here are what some of the students took away from the day:

“I found out that engineering is in high demand and that only 1% of New Zealand’s population are engineers.”

“I learnt that engineering is a fulfilling job because you can see your work make a tangible difference to the lives of the people in your community.”

“I feel engineering would be a rewarding career because you can use your skills to build sustainable systems which impact on both the people and the environment positively.”

“I enjoyed today because I got to talk to actual engineers and get a genuine taste of what the experience may be like.”

Katrina Chan