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Enviro week plans to deliver some warming events

Mary Aguirre and Sarah McCormick

Join us next week, from 29 May – 4 June 2023 for our school’s annual Enviro Week.  Check out our planned activities:

Banner Making – Year 13 students and primary school students.


Science Roadshow – Years 7 to 10


Encouraging students into science to make a difference to the world.

Moth Pod Collection


Drain Art (if dry)


Science Roadshow – Years 7 to 10

Free Hot Chocolate – you must bring your own mug to CG5 at interval.

Clothes drive
– see notices for time slot and venue.

Warm Day – Dress up warm and funky, turn off as many switches as possible, no heating! Let’s see how much we can save (money and emissions)


Homemade Tasty Soup $1 from CG5

Kaitiaki Club assembly


Review of D block litter

On Thursday is warm day. This means you should dress up in warm clothes as the heating will be turned off, along with as many lights and power sockets as possible.  You may dress in hoodies, woolly hat, onesies, slippers etc., bring a blanket and teddy too if you wish, make it a memorable day that will benefit the earth by reducing our carbon footprint. Hopefully it will save the school money too.  No money will be collected – it is about raising awareness of our environment!