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Epro8 Challenge tests students


Last Friday, 16 students attended the Epro8 Challenge. This is an engineering, problem solving and innovation challenge that requires students to compete against other schools in numerous tasks. This competition was an enjoyable experience for all the students and challenged them to think outside the box.

Over a period of one and a half hours the students were given four major challenges, each including steps which help you gain points. If a team were to complete a step, their point score would increase. The aim of this competition is to try to complete as many steps/challenges as you can, to earn as many points as possible.

Four teams competed in this competition:

Year 9 – Dante Choi, James Karl, John Salavante and Ochre Sugiharto

Year 10 – Adrian Vargas, Ethan Siao, Samara Anubhav and Andrew Jurgens

Year 11 – Anthony Chen, Tom Devonshire, Alex McGiven and Josh O’Neil

The Year 9s were able to qualify for the semi-finals and will be competing in this at the end of the term.

Samara Anubhav