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Eucharistic Ministry Training

Cyprus Causer

Eucharistic ministry is a very sacred ministry that few are called to do. The Eucharistic ministers assist the priest in distributing the precious body and blood of Christ (Holy Communion) to Catholics or giving a blessing to children (who have not yet received their sacrament of First Holy Communion) and blessing non-Catholic people who may not receive the consecrated bread and wine. For those in our school that wish to join the ministry, there is a training course so you can be commissioned as Eucharistic ministers.

At Sancta Maria College, just over 25 senior students signed up this year to join this ministry.  They were trained for this by Fr Sherwin and Mannix from St Mark’s Parish, as well as Ethan Karl and Cyprus Causer from our school.  When you are ministering Holy Communion, you are assisting with the great mystery of God, feeding God’s hungry people.  As such, there is personal preparation involved, which is prayer before Mass and modest attire. The training covers what is required of the ministers before, during and after the mass.  It familiarises them with the Sacred Vessels: The Chalice, the ciborium and the paten as well as the Purificator, the Pall, the Corporal and the Towel and how each is used and for what purpose.

After their training, the students were then commissioned during Assumption mass, presided by Fr Terry on Friday, 18 August 2023.

These students are from various parishes within our community and will be able to serve as Eucharistic ministers not only within our college but also at their own parishes.

This is a wonderfully rewarding ministry where we have the honour of providing the holiest of sacraments to our Catholic brothers and sisters. Congratulations to our new Eucharistic ministers this year.