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Everyone needs a little bit of poetry in their life!


Everyone needs a little bit of poetry in their life! 8CLE found that out for themselves when the school bell rang out, to start yet another term of school. A chorus of heavy sighs echoed throughout the classroom when our reliever announced Term 4’s English topic: Poetry!

Although our teacher was away for our first week of this topic, we charged headfirst into our next exciting challenge. That first week 8CLE produced some pretty creative Haikus. An example of this is ‘A soldier passes’ by one of our students.

A soldier passes,

Another flower rises,

He falls to the ground,

He is on his way,

To somewhere that is peaceful,

Away from it all,

A flower rises,

As red as blood on the grass,

And still, war lingers.

After our teacher returned to school, we began to explore many new ways to write a poem; which were unknown to us. 8CLE wrote poems from a wide range of choices: Diamante, Just Because, Month Metaphors, Concrete poems! We did them all. We really enjoyed writing in a new, different perspective.

8CLE found that poetry allows you to express yourself in many ways. If you know how to do it, you could bring love, joy, sadness or even anger to someone’s life. 8CLE experienced this and think that no matter how down you’re feeling or how exhausting your life seems to be – poetry will get you up on your feet and dancing once more.

Emily Raukura