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Fabrics, fabrics everywhere

The 16 and 17-year-old future seamstresses of Sancta Maria College scouted the local area for the most gorgeous, prettiest fabrics ranging from lovely soft velvets to soft chiffons to silky silks. These fabrics come from far and wide to reach our shores.

These seamstresses visited the fabric stores, searching high and low for the perfect material to use to make their ball gown, seeking that special fabric.

Will it have sequins or pearls, mesh or lace, chiffon or silk? Will it be blue or silver?

Journeying from Botany to Davis Emporium and Spotlight in Manukau to the fabric store in Otara, looking through the various catalogues and drawers of fabric patterns ranging from the stylish Vogue patterns to the everyday Butterick patterns, shuffling through the many aisles of bargains and sale prices on lace, mesh and chiffon fabrics, each aisle with cheaper material then the other, each aisle with better fabric then the other, each aisle with softer or shinier material then the other.

After this exciting adventure of seeking out many different types of fabrics these seamstress return from their great journey of fabric finding to College, with a stop for a little treat on the way back.


Raynah D’Silva