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Family Mass a ‘mass-ive’ success!

Service is a value that is greatly recognised here at Sancta Maria College. At the annual Family Mass, we rewarded and recognised the compassion and kindness demonstrated by our students in their various acts of service throughout the year. Though not everyone was congratulated publicly, there is no doubt that in the eyes of God all are recognised for their service throughout the school year.

Inspired by the spirit of service expressed by Mother Teresa, students and staff alike, under her influence, strive to contribute to the growth of our local communities and our school community. Within the school, we believe that this helps contribute to our personal growth as well as to help us on our faith journey.

The Mass was opened by two of our service prefects – Faith Cruz and Patrick De Vera – who explained the significance of service and how it contributes to our relationships with those around us and with God.

After the homily, the Mother Teresa Service Medals and certificates were given out. These were awarded to one student per homeroom who had displayed quality service of an exemplary amount. We congratulate those students who were recognised in this year’s Family Mass, but more importantly to those within the school who have benefited the common good of their local communities through their generous acts of service.

Faith Cruz