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Fancy footwork from Year 8s


Lights flashing. Everyone clapping. Your class walk onto the stage… you dance your heart out! You are the star!… Not exactly… Last Friday (the 26th) the Year 8s performed a dance they have been working on for weeks. Everyone was nervous, but most of us were also excited. The dance was put together by the homeroom class, their peer support leaders and with their teacher’s help.

Each homeroom class danced in the auditorium wearing their dance-uniform. This dance brought together each homeroom as a team – everyone had to contribute and try their hardest. Each homeroom practised and practised for days leading up to the event. You could walk through D-Block and hear music and see the Year 8s dancing. Overall it was a great experience even though we were nervous. It gave us a chance to be a team, I know we will never forget all the hours we practised together.

“We started very early, but we changed the songs a few weeks later because our first songs were too boring. We practised heaps on the last few days before the competition!” says William, a student in 8DNN.

Ella Dickens