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Feast day reminds us of the importance of service


The student body, teachers and guests gathered together to celebrate our school’s Feast Day. This special day is very important to our school because it remembers the Visitation, when Mary (Sancta Maria), our school’s patron, selflessly went to help her cousin Elizabeth. The day commenced with the celebration of Mass, led by Father Kevin. Not only was the school given the opportunity to gather together as one on this very special day, but a few students also took on their role as servants of the community by being commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers.

However, the blessings of the day didn’t stop there. The school was split up into the junior, middle and senior schools in order to participate in fun-filled house activities, such as tug of war and dodgeball. Not only was it enjoyable for students, but also for teachers (who, by the way, lost the tug of war)!

Overall, the day was a huge success. Many thanks are owed to the teachers and students who took part in organising this wonderful day!

Angelika Bilbao