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First Mufti Day for 2022!

Em-J Abuyan (Year 10)

Sancta Maria College has once again shown their support for those in need. 

Every student wearing mufti on the 8 April donated a gold coin to help the Catholic Caring Foundation provide funding toward the care and support for those who are struggling. This includes families and communities in Aotearoa who have been affected by poverty or hardship – the school’s donation goes straight to social service benefactors and organisations that provide care to the affected families.

Students across all year levels and teachers undertook an interview and spoke about how happy they were to be donating to such a worthy cause and how we will be helping multiple charities support those who are more vulnerable. 

So far, the Catholic Caring Foundation has helped 69 organisations and aim to support more. 

With everyone working together, we can send our aroha and support to families and communities across Aotearoa.