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First Wednesday Mass of 2019


Students and staff were invited to gather together to celebrate Sancta Maria College’s first Wednesday Mass of 2019.

The school encourages both students and staff to celebrate Wednesday Masses with our celebrant Father Kevin. This is an opportunity for the school community to gather together in faith and to reflect on one of the most special aspects of our school, which is our Special Character.

We highly encourage homerooms in charge of the week’s Mass to come along and celebrate. However, we have decided to begin the year by inviting our school houses to lead the first Masses. This week’s Mass was dedicated to Akaroa. Akaroa’s house prefects were successful in bringing along many students and staff to the Mass, as the seats were almost completely full.

We strongly recommend coming to Mass at least twice a term to strengthen and deepen our relationship with God, as this is what our school is all about, using faith as our compass and using our gifts to spread God’s word.

Faith Cruz