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Focus on food safety


Our students who have been taking Food and Hospitality have had a focus on food safety in the first two terms of this year. In particular, they have been studying how hygiene practices can prevent food-borne illnesses and what correct food handling procedures must be followed to ensure all kitchen areas and equipment are safe from micro-organisms.

The course has involved both theory and practical aspects, covering the preparation, cooking and serving of food. The 12FAH and 13FAH students completed the theory assessment in term one. This was then followed by a practical assessment on Wednesday at the Manukau Institue of Technology.

The students were tested on their food hygiene and safety practices, as well as their application of their classroom theory lessons. Our students were lucky enough to practice cooking and cleaning in the MIT kitchen, while working with high risk foods such as mince and chicken. Their final delicious products were burgers and a Thai chicken noodle salad.

It should be noted that anyone considering making and selling food commercially needs a food certificate and a food plan, so it’s great that each of the students who completed this course at MIT will receive their Food Certificate.

It was a great opportunity to get qualified and gain some valuable practical experience in the kitchen for our senior Food and Hospitality students.

Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg