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Former students share experiences


Ex-students of Sancta Maria College Niel Kulkarni, Meggue Cruz, Gabby Mendoza, Lynn Mascarenhas and Martina Buzak came to share their experience of their first year at a tertiary institution (University of Auckland and AUT) with levels 2 and 3 Biology students.

They shared study strategies including planning ahead by setting up a detailed calendar of upcoming assignments/exams, forming study groups, and studying smarter. Niel particularly expressed his discovery of mindfulness to become a successful individual at the holistic level. He has gained entrance to Medicine after a very competitive and challenging first year studying Biomedicine.

The student guests advised our current students to become independent learners with a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. We wish them all the best for 2018. Lynn has been accepted in Optometry at the University of Auckland, Meggue is continuing her biochemical degree at the same institution while Gabby and Martina are pursuing their physiotherapy studies at AUT.