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Fun for all on Feast Day


With Feast Day being a particularly eventful day for the students, the festivities did not end with the Mass. After morning tea, the Year 7 to 10s dispersed into year levels around the school to engage in a variety of activities that the Year 13 prefects and teachers had planned.

Some of these activities included a riff off and dance off where the students were able to showcase their hidden vocal talents and moves. A quiz in the form of Kahoot, was one of the activities that really tested the students’ knowledge about Feast Day. Furthermore, the students were allowed to use their muscles and energy in an intense game of Bench ball which saw Kororareka becoming victors for the Year 7s, Hokianga for the Year 8s, Waitemata for the Year 9s and Kororareka again for the Year 10s.

While the middle school was occupied in their own exciting activities, the senior students of the College were participating in a set of more mature games. Mr Bacon had put in tremendous amounts of time and effort with this year’s activities for the senior students. One of these activities involved blowing a ball around an obstacle course with only a straw. Another was the infamous Flip Cup Challenge where using only one finger, members of the different school houses competed with each other to flip all of the upside-down cups to be right-side up.

However, one of the most memorable games for the senior students on this year’s Feast Day was the Blindfolded Eating Challenge. Five students from each house were blindfolded and what food they had to eat was decided by the roll of a dice. The unique dishes on offer for the senior students were made with extreme care and thought. The selection included a hotdog with large amounts of wasabi, chocolate, Weet-Bix and onion and also bread with raw egg and toothpaste.

By the end of the activities the activities, Akaroa and Kororareka managed to tie and a good old game of Tug of War, saw Akaroa triumphantly take out first place.

Overall, this year’s Feast Day was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and the school community. Whether it be seeing our own teachers and students being initiated into the Catholic Church, the scrumptious sausage sizzle kindly supplied to the students free for lunch or the new and entertaining activities that had been arranged by the teachers and the prefects for the students, everyone enjoyed this year’s Feast Day and is eagerly anticipating next year’s event.

Zoe Chou