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Get Inspired at the University of Auckland


Last Monday, several students were given the opportunity to go to the Auckland University through the BEAMS Programme. Miriama Magele Rees, Aaliyah Peterson-Tamakehu, Greer Puekiti, Emily Sheck, Jireh Fogavia, Letisia Fifita, Saffine Warren, Gabriel Grant and Gemma Holt, accompanied by Ms Judd all attended this day.

BEAMS, which is an acronym for Business, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and Science, is a programme for Maori and Pasifika students all across the North Island. The main focus of the project is to introduce students to BEAMS subjects and what they are to expect when applying to Auckland University.

At the end of the day an award ceremony was held for the students. Each school was separated into groups and each of these groups had leaders. The group leaders decided from the group one boy and one girl who stood out to them most throughout the day. Gabriel Grant was part of the silver team and was chosen as the person who stood out to the leaders.

Overall, it was a good experience for the students to learn more about their career paths.

Gemma Holt