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Guest speaker motivates students


As part of Environment Week at Sancta Maria College, guest speaker Luke WiJohn talked to our students about climate change. Climate change is an important issue of our generation and if we are to make a change, we need the enthusiasm and motivation to solve the problem. Luke is one of the organisers for School Strike 4 Climate Change and has been actively involved with making a change, starting in Auckland. He has been a member of Project NZ and inspired action among Auckland students. He gave us a different perspective on climate change and really motivated us to want to make a difference.

When Jennifer Joseph, Hyanne Vital and Jennifer Zheng attended Greenjam 2019, an environmental workshop for young students, Luke, a Year 13 student, was one of the people who stood out among the speakers. The group decided to get in contact with him, resulting in Luke coming in for this informative and challenging lunchtime session. It is amazing how such a young person as Luke can inspire others to take action about what they believe. At such a young age, he has influenced many young students, like us, on this issue. It is really inspiring to see his passion and energy projected throughout his talks. We thank Luke for taking the time to come and educate us about climate change. He really is making a difference!

Jennifer Zeng