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Hands up! Block that Shot!


Pulse racing, heart beating rapidly and the feeling of unease was what our Year 7 and 8 basketball boys were feeling on Wednesday night as they made their way to Botany College to compete for the Eastern Zone ABSL Championships.

Hearing the great news that both SMC Spartans and Senators were in for the championship finals, they were ecstatic and jumped for joy as this is what they have been looking forward to ever since the start of the basketball season.

Together the SMC Senators and SMC Spartans consisted of 18 players – Jeronimo Arias, Khailo Bacaltos, Gerard Bautista, Benjamin Botting, Charles Fernandez, Joaquin Gaw, Benedict Loulie Wijtenburg, Avram Taguinod, Dylan Wooler, Karlo Baltazar, Andre Bautista, Anson Ip, Gabriel Lesoa, Alfonso Leyesa, Jodek Lopez, Jan Matanguihan, Rohan Rodriguez and Quintin Wong.

SMC Senators were up first competing against Howick Intermediate. Throughout the game, shouts of encouragement and cheering were heard from the parents, supporters and most importantly from their team mates and their supportive coach, Ryan. Moreover, both teams showcased their talents, ranging from layups, free throws to aggressive defense. It was a challenging game as they were also facing tough opponents but with their Sancta Maria spirit, they gave it their all.

Although they were placed second, the Senators thoroughly enjoyed this basketball game. In addition, it was also a great experience for them working as a team as they have a great bond and got to know each other through their strengths and weaknesses.

“It was a great experience for us and throughout the game, our coach, families and team mates really motivated us to do our hardest and best,” Year 7 player Avram Taguinod said.

Up next were SMC Spartans competing against Farm Cove Intermediate’s, Fighting Fantails. The boys fought hard getting in some amazing shots and a couple of 3 pointers. Support and encouragement was also heard from their families, team mates and coach which gave them a lift. Both teams had the whole crowd on the edge of their seats as the stopwatch was ticking fast.

Much to the Spartans dismay, it wasn’t their day. Also placing second, the Spartans still kept a positive attitude and were still cheery as they had a lot of fun just spending time with their team mates to compete in their last game for the season.

“It was a tough night for all of us as we lost. But it was a great season for us. I am looking forward to the next basketball season,” Year 8 player Jodek Lopez said.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for both teams. Both teams showed much promise and are looking forward to competing once again next basketball season. They have grown as a group, accepting each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and had great fun bonding as a team. Many thanks to Coach Ryan for guiding and supporting both Spartans and Senators throughout their games this season.

Franchesca Fernandez