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Hokianga – Athletics Champions 2019


All four teams were back and forth with scores the entire athletics day on Monday but Hokianga house managed to steal the win from Kororareka after the relays last Thursday with a winning total of 4540 points.

All the students competing in the races gave their all, earning points for their houses. Leaders of the winning house, Brandon Burton and Gail Calecdan, were both “extremely pleased” with the results of this year’s athletics day. They said, “We understand that this is only the beginning”, and are proud to say, “This will act as a major head start in the achieving of our many goals for this year”.

They wish to thank all of Hokianga and encourage them to keep their house spirit alive as this year goes on. Without the help of the Hokianga runners in the relays, the house would not have pushed Kororareka into second.

Hokianga’s triumph really does reflect the hard work those relay teams put in, giving up their lunch time to run, which recognised the house leaders’ support and positivity.

Alex Dougherty