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Homestay experience begins at school


The day began with a late start where students were able to get some rest time to catch up on their Study Tour tasks and to put in the final practice of their Haka and Poi Dance performances. The mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety and curiosity were at the back of everyone’s mind as they looked forward to their school homestay and school exchange.


However, this was quickly put to rest as we were warmly welcomed by our host Principal at the school’s special assembly. It was then followed by our host’s polished cheer leading performance and the whole school proudly singing out their school song for us. Shawna Stowers and Renard Velayo did us proud with a thank you speech to the school on our behalf. We ‘heartily’ and proudly put on our Haka, Poi Dance and concluded our performance with ‘Ka Waiata’ and our school song ‘O Sancta Maria…’.


After the introduction the students were introduced to the school’s Cultural Club activities such as chado, karuta and illustration while teachers were given a guided tour of the school facilities by the host Principal.


We finished our day with our students returning home with their host students and the staff were taken out for a Japanese dinner. Tomorrow each student will follow their hosts to their classes and each has to introduce themselves in Japanese.