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Hospice Bake Sale Success


Sancta Maria students helped raise a magnificent $649.70 for Totara Hospice on Saturday. Dr Laux and Mrs McCreath joined the group of students selling delicious pastries, bread and pies generously donated by Wild Wheat Bakery (Picton Street, Howick).

The event could not have been possible without the continuous support of Bunnings Botany for allowing us to use their premises.

Totara Hospice provides care services all through South and South East Auckland, a community totaling more than 500,000 people. The hospice supports people living with a range of illnesses such as cancer, lung and kidney failure, neurological diseases and more. Ranging from young to old people, Totara Hospice cares for approximately 980 new patients every year and provides over 3,000 days of care.

Despite being one of the lowest funded hospices of its kind in New Zealand, Totara Hospice’s mission is “To provide leading edge hospice palliative care services to individuals and their families, care networks and communities.” The work it does is truly invaluable.

If you wish to donate to Totara Hospice, please click here: