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Innovation – New Tea


This could be the next big thing. Business students Christy Yang (CEO), Jason Wang (Marketing), Melo Zhang (Communications), Kiven Wan (Finance) and Cindy Liu (Production) have come up with a unique, healthy and refreshing drink using the best of ingredients from China and New Zealand.

Using eight fresh ingredients including Chinese Black Tea, Manuka Honey, milk and tapioca bubbles both New Tea and Bubble Tea offer a healthy alternative to your usual cup of tea or coffee. Sold in biodegradable paper cups which are environmentally friendly this new to the market product is sure to appeal to millennials and become a popular and trendy item. Priced at just $6 for a 500ml drink, 10% of all profits will be donated to charity.

This enterprising group of students designed not only the product but also the attractive packaging to include the company logo.

New Tea and Bubble Tea will be available for you to try at school market days, school events and the Young Enterprise evening to be held at the school on Thursday, August 29.

Be one of the first to give this exciting new product a try.