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International Language week begins

International Language Week began with a sweet start today, with the week kicking off with making delicious French cookies called ‘palmiers’.

The food technology room began to fill with students as soon as the bell rang for lunch- and what a great choice they made because it meant that they would have sweet treats for lunch! The palmiers were very easy to make, yet tasted very sophisticated and très, très delicieux!
The excitement of baking (and eating), along with the French atmosphere created by the students and the teachers, Madame Read, Dr Laux and Pauline, our school’s French assistant, made the short experience sweet and memorable.

There is also a competition going on for the whole week to greet your teacher in another language. Not only can you increase cultural diversity in the school by doing so, a prize can also be won by doing such a simple task. Therefore, with such an amazing start to the week, we only wonder what language teachers have in store for us over the next few days.

Angelika Bilbao