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International languages week off to a tasty start

Sancta Maria College marked the beginning of its International Languages Week with flavourful crepes, enjoyable games and exciting prizes.

The week was kick-started by Dale Sasis and Danica Louie-Wijtenburg who gave very interesting introductory speeches in Japanese and French, languages they both started learning at school. Although some were unable to understand what was being said, students were exposed to the beauty of these two different languages.

However, with this action packed week, the students of Sancta Maria College will for sure be exposed to the beauty of many other languages!

Tuesday was the day for colouring and guessing competitions. Those with the greatest colouring skills and those who knew most about flags were able to succeed. However, students have been left nervously waiting until Friday when winners will be announced and exciting prizes awarded.

Students were also able to buy crepes from the French room, but the French students were especially lucky. With the smell of fresh crepes filling the room, the students spent their lesson answering French quizzes and learning more about French culture and history. The group that won was luckily awarded with fresh crepes, with flavours ranging from lemon and sugar, butter and sugar, Nutella, salted caramel and chocolate and coconut!
The first day of International Languages Week certainly started off with a blast.

Angelika Bilbao