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International Students enjoy sports afternoon


An enjoyable afternoon was had when all the international students were invited to play sports together in our gymnasium. It was an amazing opportunity for all the international students from different year levels to get to know each other and have fun.

“Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect”. By playing sports together, the international students had a better understanding of each other, and have built friendships, trust and respect.

Basketball, table tennis, and badminton were provided for students to play. The range of sports provided by Director of Sport, Mr. Crummer, were suggested by the students. More than 30 international students attended the event. They were very involved in the games and tried out the different sports to the best of their ability. Everyone was perspiring and breathing heavily during the games, but the ambition of winning and the perseverance of not giving up, made the games the best games ever!

During the break, snacks and lollies were provided so that the students could have a rest and some refreshments to get ready for their next game. There was also water supplied which allowed students to intake water during the short break.

After the event, a student said, “It was really fun, I played all the sports, and the music was incredible.” Another one stated that, “The event was really interesting, as I can do the sports I like”.

Students very much enjoyed taking part in different sports in this event.

The goal for this event is to make international students more involved as a unit, and to build up and strengthen closer relationships between them. It also allows the international students to become fitter and healthier, and to grow the confidence to try different sports at the College. This encourages international students to participate more in school events, and to build up their confidence of being in a new environment which they are not yet completely familiar with.

Finally, a huge thanks to Mr. Crummer, the International Student Department and everyone involved in this sports evening, for organizing such a wonderful event.

Jolin Chen